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7 Mile RRF FAQs

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What is the 7 Mile Resource Recovery Facility (7 Mile RRF)?

The 7 Mile RRF will recover inert and recyclable materials from waste diverted from the 7 Mile landfill and transfer the non-recyclable combustible materials to the Pilbara MRF and WtE facility located in the Boodarie Industrial Estate near Port Hedland.

What materials will be recycled?

The 7 Mile RRF will recover inert materials such as metals for local markets. The Pilbara MRF and WtE facility will also recover other recyclable materials such concrete, sand, glass and plastic where commercial feasible local markets can be established.

Where will the project be located?

New Energy will construct the 7 Mile RRF at the 7 Mile Waste Facility (7 Mile WF) on land leased from the City of Karratha.

When will the plant be built?

The 7 Mile RRF will be constructed during 2018 once all relevant environmental and planning approval for the facility has been received and construction has also commenced at the Pilbara MRF and WtE project. The Pilbara WtE project has received environmental and planning approval and is expect to commence construction in Q3 2017.

For further information, please visit the Project Timeline page for the Pilbara project.

What wastes will the RRF accept?

The RRF will accept municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial and industrial (C&I) waste, residual materials from the City’s waste transfer station, and tyres.

Will there be jobs for people living in Karratha?

New Energy expects that there will be numerous jobs for people living in Karratha. It is anticipated that there will be up to 7 personnel required to operate the 7 Mile RRF, and over 30 personnel for the Pilbara MRF & WtE project. New Energy will initially seek to employ staff currently employed at the 7 Mile WF at the 7 Mile RRF.

What does the City of Karratha think about the project?

The Council supports the development of the 7 Mile RRF and the Pilbara WtE project as it will bring world class infrastructure to the region, the highest landfill diversion rates in country and the generation of renewable energy. The project is looked upon as a key to the future waste management plans of the Council.

What impact will the 7 Mile RRF have on local waste disposal prices?

New Energy has considered closely the impact of increases in waste disposal prices over a 5 year period and has found that the increases are very small compared to the other costs of operating a local business such as wages and rents.

What impact will there be on the amount of trucks travelling between Karratha and Port Hedland?

New Energy has estimated that only 2 trucks will be required 6 days per week based on an initial 36,000tpa of waste being transported from Karratha to Boodarie Industrial Estate near Port Hedland. This amounts to 4 truck movements per day and when considering that there are currently 625 heavy truck movements per day this amounts to less than a 1% increase.

Under what kind of Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines will the plant operate?

The facility will be the subject of thorough environmental assessments by the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC). The plant will only be built when all necessary approvals are in place.

When in operation, the facility will be operated under the terms of a stringent Environmental Protection Act licence and the supervision of the DEC.

The Directors and Management of New Energy are committed to environmental protection and understanding local community expectations.

What about odour?

We do not expect odour to cause any problems for local residents. The site is located on the existing 7 Mile WF which is 1.7km from the nearest residential area and all municipal wastes will be loaded into trucks for removal and not left uncovered overnight.

What about noise levels?

The operations of the RRF will mostly use loading machines already used at the 7 Mile WF. A shredder will operate during the day and won’t generate much noise beyond the immediate vicinity of the landfill footprint. As the plant is located remotely from residential areas, noise emissions will not be detectable in residential areas.

What benefits will the facility bring?

  • Up to 90% diversion of residential waste from landfill
  • Significant reduction in Greenhouse gases 
  • The generation of renewable energy from waste which will help reduce the State’s dependence on fossil fuels and assist in providing a stable power supply for the Pilbara.
  • The facility will help extend the life of the 7 Mile Landfill.
  • The Entech world-leading technology developed in Western Australia will be showcased in the Pilbara and exported to reduce the environmental impact of waste around Australia


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