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New Energy and Town of Port Hedland sign 20 year Waste and Renewable Power Services Agreement

7 July 2016

New Energy is pleased to announce that its Pilbara Regional Waste to Energy Project has today taken a significant step forward with the signing of a 20 year Waste and Power services agreement with the Town of Port Hedland (ToPH).

The Agreement was considered at the June Ordinary Council Meeting where the Councillors voted unanimously to sign the 20 year Agreement and become the first Council in Australia to power assets from the towns waste.

“The contract is a significant milestone for the company’s development of Western Australia’s first Waste to Energy facility at Boodarie, south of Port Hedland. Diverting waste from landfill to recover energy and then returning renewable energy to the Council and industry, is a utopic model of sustainability,” said New Energy CEO, Jason Pugh.

Under the contract, New Energy will manage the City’s residential and commercial waste streams resulting in 30,000 to 40,000 tonnes of waste per annum being diverted from landfill to the Waste to Energy facility. In an Australian first, renewable energy produced from the waste will be supplied back to the Council via the Northwest interconnecting power grid.

“We have stated repeatedly that a partnership with Town of Port Hedland was central to realising a Pilbara Regional Waste Solution. Both parties had worked collaboratively on the Agreement to reach a mutually beneficial outcome.

The Project will deliver a world class solution, in sustainable waste management practices in the region for generations to come,” Mr Pugh said.

“Under the contract, residential MSW and transfer station residue will be diverted from the South Hedland landfill for a minimum term of 20 years. New Energy will also manage commercial and industrial waste at the Boodarie Waste to Energy facility”.

New Energy’s Waste to Energy facility at Port Hedland will incorporate a front-end Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) that will accept waste, inspect it, remove recyclables and recover energy from the remainder.

In July 2015 New Energy was awarded a contract with the City of Karratha to manage residential and commercial waste for 20 years.

“The combined waste volumes from Port Hedland and Karratha will be sufficient to underpin and sustain the waste to energy project for the next 20 years”.

New Energy Chairman, Mr Gullotti, said “with the down turn in the mining industry there is a lot of negative sentiment in the region. The timing is perfect for the establishment of this non-mining, large scale infrastructure project. It will result in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, generate crucial non-mining infrastructure and local and indigenous employment opportunities.

It is in line with the Pilbara Cities vision of making Pilbara towns more attractive and sustainable places to live. We are pleased to be part of helping the Town of Port Hedland, City of Karratha and the State Government achieve their objectives”. 

Mayor Kelly Howlett said she was excited about New Energy choosing Port Hedland as its launch site for its world-class facility.

“We’re pleased that New Energy will launch its first waste-to-energy plant in Port Hedland and today we cemented our support by signing a 20-year agreement to divert municipal waste from South Hedland landfill to the New Energy plant. This includes industrial and hazardous waste, household and green waste, tyres, timber and recyclable products.

Construction of the Boodarie facility will commence in 2017 and it is scheduled for completion in 2018.

New Energy has been developing this Project since 2010 and is the first company in Australia to have gained both environmental and development approval for a project of this kind.

New Energy is in discussions with a number of other parties in the Pilbara in regards to purchasing the balance of the renewable energy available.

About New Energy

New Energy Corporation Pty Ltd (New Energy) is a leader in the emerging Waste to Energy market globally.

Our vision is a world with Zero Landfill where waste fuels a sustainable future.

Our mission is to generate renewable energy from waste diverted from landfill. New Energy is committed to sustainable business practices for both the environment and the communities in which we operate in.


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